Which School?

Atticus has an Educational Health Care Plan. This was awarded to him based on the Macrocephaly diagnosis and he was two and a half when he got it.

Imagine a Marvel Avenger. Imagine a superhero cloak of protection. Imagine Atticus is the superhero ( he is) and he is wearing this cloak. That’s his EHCP.

This is a legally binding document and this needs to be reviewed formally once a year and shared with all involved in his care as well as returned to the SEN department at Kent County Council where we live.

All good.

When you are applying for schools and your child had an EHCP you have to apply early. So I submitted the forms at the end of May 2018 before the ASD development and the changes to his behaviour which were associated with it.

After his diagnosis and the continued issues with his speech I realised that perhaps the choices which I made were not the right ones.

Back onto the phone to the SEN placement officer and within two days my original paperwork had been returned and I had to start all over again.

Decision made.
A few days of processing that Atticus now has a special school as his first choice and Now the decision is in the local authority’s hands.
If they deemed him and his needs sufficient for a special school he will go to the beloved beacon. If they feel his needs will be met at mainstream then Hugo’s school it is.
He Seems to be coping socially but we all know that is just him skimming between groups of kids and watching from the outside. He’s effectively non verbal so other kids will either avoid, mother or let him watch. There’s no interaction unless he’s a dinosaur roaring.
After a day of tears I realised it was my only choice.

Better than sticking him in mainstream for him to cope and not flourish.

It’s his education that matters here and if he can’t talk and get his point across what’s the point of him sitting in a class with 30 kids and noise and unstructured break and playtime’s for him to suffocate and have a bad experience of starting school.
And what’s more it would worry and upset Hugo and he would veer towards looking after Atticus at break and lunch when things are unstructured and Atticus will be lost, and putting his young carer head on rather than enjoying playing carefree with his friends while he is at school.

And what if Atticus was not coping in class and having a full on meltdown.

That would be so utterly traumatic for Hugo to see.
It’s for the best. I am 100% sure of it. And if he does go to mainstream; then he’s been assessed as suitable and I have no need to worry. Hugo’s school will do a better job than any other mainstream school on the Planet