Merry Bloody Christmas Everyone!

So the journey continued. We awaited our appointment to see the ENT once more, for our six month check. His energy levels were amazing, but he continued to wheeze and get breathless easily. He was admitted countless times for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, and anti biotics never touched the sides. Each time he was admitted Nanny came down and picked up the pieces and we went back up to our local Hospital for treatment.
Even though he had had his surgery things were still not right.
Xmas Day 2016. A call to the NHS 111 service started our day at about 7am. Atticus was a little breathless as he woke but began deteriorating rapidly. I have never called an Ambulance before, so I got the NHS 111 service to make that decision for me. Within 20 mins a blue light ambulance and two angels in disguise came and tried to make the little one stable, while we waited for Nanny to appear ( she was due down anyway to celebrate Xmas, but this time left a little earlier)
Strangely enough, the hospital was very quiet! We were visited in majors by Father Xmas while Atticus was on a nebuliser. It was a stressful and emotional time. Seeing Santa wheeled into Majors by two elves set me off. Those NHS heroes are absolutely that. Heroes and Angels. We were admitted. Then discharged three days later.

My two older boys put Xmas on hold. They waited until we were home before they opened all their presents ( but they did open some)

To have the boys back together under one roof was fantastic.
So Christmas happened a few days late. I held onto the strength that I was given through the prayers and amazingly positive messages which were sent to me. I felt blessed.
And within two weeks we had the first available appointment to see ENT in London. The day after we were admitted again.
And it was this cycle of cat and mouse with his health and appointments, which led us to meet the respiratory team a couple of months later. At this point we had the input from the local Speech and Language team for his swallowing also.