A Worrying Development

So we have had our concerns for a number of months about Atticus’ seeming inability to cope with everyday life.
Struggles in new environments and places which we visit. Becoming increasingly restrictive in the choice of foods he will eat. The cramming of food into his mouth almost to the point where he choked.
In April Atticus presented with a bulging on his forehead. Straight to A and E on Easter Monday and a referral straight to his neurologist in London,
Within 11 days we had had 8 appointments, at several different local and London Hospitals.
I was at my wits end.
Atticus was approved for an emergency MRI scan under general anaesthetic at the end of April and we made plans and prepared for what would be a stressful few days.
We went up. Atticus was very very unhappy when we walked into the ward. His incredible memory had thwarted any decisions to comply. He had only had an mri in the few months before. And his amazing memory was one thing I was hoping would fail him this time! Just to make all our lives a little easier and help him to cope more.
The long and short of it was that the boy presented within normal range. His cerebral fluid was at the upper limits of normal so there were concerns this had increased somewhat. Hence the bulging and the thorough testing.
It transpires it was venicular. That his macrocephaly and other associated problems led to a diagnosis of a complex neurodevelopmental profile and concerns he was starting to show behaviours which would lead to an asd assessment and diagnosis.

This was on our arrival at St Thomas’