A much needed break


holiday 7

My Amazing Boys

I booked a holiday in January before it all kicked off. I always had to ensure that the travel insurance was specific to the needs which the wee one had. When you’re a member of the amazing support groups on social media you learn quickly where you should apply so the cost is a minimal as possible…

We had an amazing time. No WIFI. No social media. Just us as a family. Meeting each others needs and thrashing each other on Rummikub every night.

Being a parent of a child with Additional Needs brings its rewards, but it also brings a level of tiredness which you cannot explain. You are always on edge because you are waiting for the next episode.

We learnt, as the fabulous four, how to meet the needs of Atticus well, and as a result had a period of calm for most of the ten days that we were away. It was amazing.


As long as we had his trusted red plastic dinosaur in tow we were alright. Happy Days and Happy Memory making. BOOM!!!!!