Wheelchair services

So a i little bird told me that Atticus would get a bigger buggy if we asked at wheelchair services. We went through the process and within a week we had an appointment.

Oh my goodness. Talk about bury myself in a hole. The hypermobility and the asd and the lack of physical development and his ‘w’ sitting.

Half way through the appointments she put him in a wheelchair sitting in the corner of the room.

Why? I asked.

For size was her reply.

I explained I didn’t want a wheelchair. She said it was that or nothing so I had to accept it.

So here it is it in all its glory. Pimped yo with skins which I had designed to make it look a little less like a wheelchair if that’s at all possible.

It’s been out twice. First comment asked me if Atticus was an invalid. Second asked me what was wrong with Atticus. I wanted to cry. What’s wrong is your attitude I should have said. Why do you have to ask?