And the list continued to grow…


So, the path seemed to be getting longer, my mindset had changed from that of optimism that Atticus would be fixed, and each appointment instead of expecting to get discharged, we had an uncanny luck to then be referred to yet more amazing Drs and consultants.

At the beginning of March 2017 we had a VF ( a video fluoroscopy in fact), Atticus went to our old haunt of the local hospital ( it was quite refreshing to have such a short journey for a change), and he sat in what looked like a car seat, stuffed his face with lots of barium laden food of different consistencies, and I watched in awe at the xray video which was being taken.

That came back ok. A little bit of pocketing but not too much to worry about, not at this point in time anyway.

At the end of March we were back in London to see the respiratory team. Straight away he was diagnosed with reactive airways disease ( asthma) and chronic eczema. Oh joy, more medicines to add to the repeat prescription list – this time in the form of inhalers and creams. Both of which Atticus hate with a passion.

We were then referred to the Allergy department to see why he had the asthma and the eczema. Another London trip to look forward to.

I must say that at this point we were travelling to London by train. As Atticus got older it was harder to restrain him in a seat for a whole journey  and as it was the cough and cold season, I was worried he would pick up more bugs and colds. He was so prone to it. So I made the decision to start driving up. It crippled me financially, but I had no choice.

congestion charge x2

car parking for £3.50 an hour

and the fuel.

But I always treated myself to a white chocolate hot chocolate at AMT each time, it was worth it just for that ( especially when I had cream added to the top of it)

We had multiple meetings with multiple consultants and the list of diagnosis continued to grow.

We now had our fears confirmed by the local team. Atticus had developmental delays and was being referred to Speech and Language once more. this time for his speech.

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